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København: Københavns Folkeregister, Dahlerupsgade 6, 1640 København VTel 33 66 33 66---------- Frederiksberg: Frederiksberg Folkeregister, Frederiksberg Bredegade 11, 2000 Frederiksberg Tel 38 21 21 00 Lyngby-Taarbæk: Lyngby Rådhuset, Toftebæksvej 12, 2800 Lyngby Tel 45 97 30 00---------- Søllerød: Søllerød Rådhuset, Øverødvej 2, 2840 Holte Tel 45 46 60 00---------- Aarhus: Statsamtet Aarhus, Marselis Boulevard 1, 8100 Aarhus CTel 89 40 11 11 ---------- Aalborg: Borger Service Centre, Rantzausgade 6, 9000 Aalborg Tel 99 31 31 31 or Gandrup, Borgergade 39, 9362 Gandrup Tel 99 31 18 00 ---------- Odense: Borger Service Center, Skulkenborg 1, 5000 Odense C.Tel 65 51 80 00 ---------- Silkeborg: Silkeborg Kommune, Søvej 1-3, 8600 Silkeborg Tel 89 70 10 00 Begining in 1924, the Danish government created a system of recording information on all their citizens and residents in Denmark.

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This was the first NRO, known as "Det Centrale Personregister", where information including names, addresses, birthdates and birthplace, marital status and other general information was manuallygathered.

Eventually in 1968, this was put on a computer systen and the CPR system was established.

It is best to go to your local area office closest to your home.

If you live outside one of these major cities, contact your local kommune office.

If you want to see what information the government has on the register for you, you can log in with your NEM id and see what the National Registers Office has on you.

Learn more about your CPR number and other important documents for living in Denmark.It is in Danish and you will have to copy and paste into google translate to translate the site.You won't be able to use the above website, until you have a NEM-ID and you can not get that until you have a CPR number. But you can visit them and get it all set up in person and than you will access to all the other important information on their site.They will either have a "borger services" office there or can direct you to the closest one.You can also log on to borger services at which has lots of information about public services.Lyngby Porceln 1936 - 1969 The Porcelain Manufactory "Denmark" located in Lyngby north of Copenhagen was delivering a major part of the dinnerware to the Danish market from the mid 20th century .