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They auditioned with their original song Sunset Blvd.

You can see other photos of the cute couple below too! Wesley usually checks #wesleystromberg on instagram. His favorite things are music, surfing, and skating. Music, surf, skate are the best things in the world 15. Wesley was introduced to the guitar at age 6 and was writing his own music by age 11. He has three siblings: Keaton, Brooke, and Brianna. His favorite books are The Four Agreements, Wild at Heart, and the Bible. Wesley used to play football as a quarterback when he was little. He likes to listen to Sublime and Mac Miller in the car.

Meanwhile, Wes recently wrapped up his mini solo tour.

Wesley Trent Stromberg was born on December 6, 1994 (19 yo).

They first auditioned for America's Got Talent but dropped out at last minute, deciding it wasn't right for them.

They later auditioned for The X Factor (USA) after getting a call saying that they should audition.

He and the boys used to sing at the X Factor cafe for money, but now they do it for the fans.

Wesley was born Wesley Trent Stromberg on December 6, 1993 to Lariane and William Stromberg. Finally he formed the band Emblem3 with Kenny, Kyle, Drew and Keaton.