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You’ll share a common bond and can support one another as needed, especially when you find yourself missing home.The other great thing is that once you have a basic command of whatever language you’re learning, you can begin speaking with locals and open up even more opportunities to forge new friendships.

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I came alone, without family, friends, or a significant other. So there I was in Berlin, flying solo, completely alone, single, and free!In the beginning, I kept myself busy doing tours of the city, traveling, having long Skype dates with friends at home, and meeting up with Toronto friends who happened to visiting Berlin (there were strangely loads of them).I started a one month German intensive course 2 months after I arrived in Berlin with Sprachnatalier.Unfortunately, most of my classmates were young students from Spain and Italy who were only in Berlin for about four weeks.While I made some new “temporary” friends, I didn’t establish any of the long-term relationships that I so desired.

If you move to a new country and don’t know the language, one of the very first things you should do is enroll in a language class so you can better immerse yourself in the culture.It will help make your transition easier if you can communicate with locals in their native language.Ever since I wrote my rather long-winded confessional about why I moved to Berlin, people have written and asked me how I made friends as a stranger in a foreign land.Some lonely person even arrived on my blog by Googling “Moving to Berlin with no friends.” If you don’t feel like reading that confessional, here’s my story in a nutshell: I quit my job, sold everything that I owned and left a great job in Toronto all to move 6,400 kilometers across the planet to start fresh. To add to this, I was unemployed and didn’t know how to speak German.Then a time came when I finally needed to focus on making new local friends and fully embrace my new expat lifestyle.Here are my top three ways to make new friends when you move abroad.