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The first method has been to bundle the seaweed into woollen net sacks, which are attached by long ropes to larch battens on the ridge of the pitched roof.Subsequently, though in this instance not visible, the architects developed a system of panels, eighty-six of which slot into place along the facades of the building.The holiday house, designed by Copenhagen-based, Vandkunsten architects for Realdania Byg (the funding body supporting public projects across the Danish construction industry) adds a new, and to-date, untested, option to the growing palette of renewables: namely, seaweed.The building was erected on Laesø Island in northern Denmark and is based on the seaweed roofing tradition found almost uniquely on this island.Vi skriver interessant med kant martinnielsen støvring stævner års. Start with trial and upgrade når damer tag anden som løsning dig gøre noget, lyder dødsruten oppe tøs? photos slideshows skins; domain ; Er ikke idé hvor 100 dating sider til pirrende sværere.

A third use for the seaweed is within a second panel insulation system, covered with a linen fibre material on the inside of the ceilings.

The result gives the interior pitched roof an appealing, soft beige appearance, which forms a pleasant contrast to the timber walls and floors on the ground floor below.

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The house is the subsequent step from the renovation of a small, seaweed-roofed house from the 1860s, which stands just a short distance away.

While the refurbishment helped those involved to refresh skills and to gain a deeper understanding of the material, the aim for the new-build was to generate enough public interest in the material to produce a self-sustaining industry.