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Despite being the heaviest of the three hammocks pictured here, the compression straps allow it to be squished into a softball sized stuff sack, making the ENO Single Nest a great option to toss into any day or overnight pack.

At 17 oz, it is only slightly heavier than the Eagles Nest Outfitters Pronest, and sleeps a little more comfortably with a bit more space.We would prefer a bit more width for extended camping trips or colder weather, but for most fair weather camping trips it is a suitable lightweight single hammock.An average-to-small-sized camper will fit well into a single hammock, and the ENO Single Nest is a durable, lightweight single for camping.While we prefer more space in our camping hammocks, the ENO Single sleeps surprisingly well.We found that, while the ENO Single Nest isn't the most comfortable parachute nylon hammock by any stretch, it is a great balance of weight, durability, and comfort.

Sleeping comfort in smaller hammocks will always be subjective, and we recommend lighter sleepers upgrade to our our Top Pick award winning double hammock, the Grand Trunk Double which provides extra space and extra comfort.Or if you are set on a single hammock, try the Grand Trunk Single which is over a foot longer than the Single Nest.We had no issues sleeping in the hammock in warmer weather when no more than a light pad and summer bag were necessary, but storms and cold weather would require more space and additional accessories, such as a rain fly.The ENO Single Nest weighs in at 17oz, which is fairly light, but this is lacking suspension or serious upgrades like a bug net or rain fly that will allow it to be used in a wider variety of conditions.That additional space comes with additional weight, so those looking to get the lightest hammock possible to reduce their pack weight would prefer the Grand Trunk Nano 7, our Top Pick ultralight hammock.Overall this hammock performs well, is comfortable to sleep in for 3 seasons, and is easy to set up and take down.