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T., this list focuses exclusively on the young stars who played lead or focal roles in his films.

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Undoubtedly one of the most influential film personalities in the history of film, Steven Spielberg is perhaps Hollywood's best known director and one of the wealthiest filmmakers in the world.Spielberg has countless big-grossing, critically acclaimed credits to his name, as producer, director and writer. From the earliest zombie films of the 1930s to the explosion of zombies in film and television today, the definition of a "zombie" on screen has changed significantly.While this is part of the reason why Hook wedged itself so firmly into the minds of kids who saw it at an impressionable-enough age to believe that they, too, could be kidnapped by Dustin Hoffman in a wig, it prevents any of the young actors from giving truly standout performances to rival some of the others on this list.With The BFG focusing closely on another young protagonist, Vulture took a look back through Spielberg's career to rank his smallest stars, some of whom turned in all-time great performances.With apologies to a few of the director's great supporting child actors, including Desreta Jackson in The Color Purple, Cary Guffey in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and, most notably, Drew Barrymore in E.

See how zombies have transformed During filming of their episode of Night Gallery (1969), Spielberg gave Joan Crawford the gift of a single red rose in a Pepsi bottle.During an on-set conversation with Detroit Free Press reporter Shirley Eder, Crawford pointed out Spielberg and said, "Go interview that kid, because he's going to be the biggest director of all time!" Crawford and Spielberg remained good friends until her death ... Spielberg has a fluency in the matters of childhood that winds deeply through his work, and his dedication to stories about children has produced a number of terrific performances, usually from kids that he hand-picked after exhaustive searching.HONORABLE MENTION: The Lost Boys ensemble — Hook The weirdest thing about Hook — aside from the fact that it looks like a middle-school play with a million budget — is that the traditional Spielbergian child role is occupied by Robin Williams, then a 40-year-old man.But it feels wrong to leave the film off this list considering the sheer number of young actors that play a part, including and especially the ones who make up the Lost Boys ensemble, a platoon of children who essentially become a Greek chorus in feathers, accentuating the emotional journey of Williams's Peter.