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As a matter of fact with my new 17 cast-aluminum wheels I handle better at slow speeds than almost any other bike youll ever ride.

The Editor that you thought was writing this actually told people (while I was standing right there!

) that I was the Golden Retriever" of the motorcycle world; always eager to please and never tries to do anything that might in any way endanger you, surprise you, or that might cause you to get hurt.While that might describe my personality perfectly, no one likes to be compared to a dog, right?My dad was in the movie An Officer and A Gentleman and my older sister was in Barbed Wire (no my sister isnt Pam Anderson). Nope, youre getting this review straight from the horses mouth as it were; although if you call me a horse Ill run over your foot. Hopefully once you read my story youll be more inclined to treat your own bike with more respect and to actually listen to her (or him) a little more closely in the future.Some cousins have been in movies as well; Mission Impossible to name just one of them. While some of my family went off to find their fortune in Hollywood I decided to be a press bike. See, Ill let you in on a little secret: Moto-journalists get all their best ideas from us bikes. If it wasnt for us press bikes giving them telepathic messages (ever hear the line the bike seems to speak directly to your soul? Now as many of you know (and as you can tell by looking at the cool pictures), I am a classically styled lady.If you were to look at my family history, youd find quite a few famous movie stars within the past few generations.

For example, my grandfather starred in the movie The Wild One, while my grandfathers younger brother starred with Steve Mc Queen in The Great Escape. Did you expect someone else to be writing this article? I mean, who better to talk about you than yourself right?Yes sir, theyre nothing but a bunch of paper-pushers who think that they pull all the strings and come-up with the great (and not so great) articles that you read. I would say that I have a non-athletic type of body; I have more curves and things are rounder than on sportier motorcycles.Think of me like a Rubens or Botticelli more than a Playboy centerfold.Could one of you let the Editor know that please; it really hurt my feelings.A lady never reveals her weight but Im sure the Editor of this fine magazine will tell you anywayprobably in some cute little parenthesis at the end of this sentence (she weighs 440 pounds dry Ed); see, I told you.However dont let my weight fool you; I am pretty nimble for my size.